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Whispering Brook

Susan Frazier
22 November 2023 | Susan Frazier

Whispering Brook's Sparkling Shiraz: A Symphony of Australian Elegance

Whispering Brook's Sparkling Shiraz: A Symphony of Australian Elegance

Nothing says magnificent like a glass of Whispering Brook's Sparkling Shiraz, a delightful fusion of dark berries, sweet plum, cherry, and spices. This sparkling red has the power to transform any table into a spectacular showcase of flavours and festivities. But what makes Australian Sparkling Shiraz so special?

Uniquely Australian Elegance

Sparkling shiraz is a uniquely Australian creation. A diverse variety, it gracefully accompanies lazy summer afternoons by the pool, adds a touch of glamour to barbecue gatherings, and stands as the ultimate companion for special occasions adorned with indulgent dishes.

A Historical Toast

The roots of Sparkling Shiraz trace back to 1881 when the Victorian Champagne Company, led by a Melbourne doctor and parliamentarian, collaborated with a French winemaker.  This marked the inception of a sparkling legacy.

Shortly thereafter, another Frenchman, Edmund Mazure, entered the Australian winemaking scene. Fascinated by sparkling red varieties, he worked on a shiraz vineyard in South Australia, earning his place as a creator of Australian Sparkling Shiraz. Today, this effervescent gem graces dining tables, brightens breakfast spreads, and adds sparkle to cooler nights. Discover the heritage and elegance of Whispering Brook's Sparkling Shiraz — a true celebration of Australian winemaking excellence.


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